Feel things are on the wrong track and care about the direction of your community?  Are you tired of TV news making you angry but like to channel it in a positive way?

Looking ahead to November 2022, we have a great opportunity for Republicans to tap into the groundswell frustration of the radical left agenda.  Every election matters, but this will be a unique one with the wind at our back and Deschutes county is a key battleground for the whole state.  You can make a meaningful difference and we will respect your time finding the right volunteer role that fits your availability, interests, skills and passions.

The role of Deschutes Republicans is to provide strategic support and resources to help Republican candidates and conservative initiatives to increase their odds of winning and ensure the conservative viewpoint is present and compelling in our community.  

To accomplish this goal, we need volunteers like you to step up.   We have literally hundreds of volunteer role opportunities.  

YOUR NEXT STEP: Please take 2 minutes to fill out this Volunteer Interest Form. This helps us get to know you and how we can find the best volunteer role fit.  We will then have someone from our team follow-up to connect with you.  Due to the high demand of many people wanting to get involved, we are catching up on a big backlog so ask for your patience, but this is a top strategic priority.  

Some volunteer role opening examples:

  • Neighborhood leader (or Precinct Committee Person, or “PCP”) – Focus on your neighborhood with meet-ups, door-to-door, get out the vote, campaign signs and other special projects focused on connecting with your neighbors.
  • Content creation – Mix of roles that can use your writing skills, online response team, graphic design, photography or video editing.  
  • Data and analysis – Use your love for data, organization and analysis to go through large voter databases to find trends, key insight and actionable game plans
  • Website & database – Do you have a track record supporting website and using database technology to increase efficiencies? 
  • Key issue research – Do you enjoy going deep into a particular topic area with online research, gather key influencer thoughts on this topic and related content?  
  • Door-to-door – We need people who can do a 25 home walk list to ask people a scripted 2-3 question survey and enter the responses into mobile app.  
  • Put a sign in yard – Be willing to show your support by placing a sign in your yard
  • Gather signatures for initiatives – Occasionally we will have a statewide initiative to gather signatures to make the ballot
  • Event support – Do you love putting on socials and events?  We need help for larger speaker events as well as regional social meet-ups.
  • Election prep and support – We need a team of people willing to help candidates once they have bravely decided to run for office and win.
  • Volunteer recruiter – Do you have experience recruiting or in HR?  We’d love additional support in connecting with volunteers and making a good internal placement.
  • Fundraising – Do you like hosting fundraising events or working with major donors?
  • Special project lead – Are you good at organizing people and have Jedi project management skills?  We can put you to work.