2024 Candidates

We will begin to update those running in 2024 and provide links where available. This page is for Republicans who have announced they are running or filed. If someone is missing, please let us know so by emailing [email protected]

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MAY 21, 2024 - Primary Election

Central Oregon Candidates

Non-Partisan Offices

Deschutes County Commissioner Position #2, a 4 year term

(If no candidate receives a majority of the votes (50% + 1 vote) for this office, the two candidates who receive the highest number of votes in the Primary are nominated and move to the General Election.)

Rob Imhoff

Judy Trego


Deschutes County Sheriff, 4 year term

(This contest moves to the November General Election if less than three candidates file.)

William Bailey

Kent Vander Kamp


Oregon State Representative

Keri Lopez, 53rd District

E. Werner Reschke, 55th District

Vicki Breese-Iverson, 59th District

Joseph M. Goodwin, 59th District

Austyn Goody, 59th District


Mark Owens, 60th District


Oregon State Senator

Michael Summers, 27th District

Diane Linthicum, 28th District

Dave Henslee, 28th District

Mike McLane, 30th District

Douglas Muck, Jr., 30th District

Robert Neuman, 30th District


Federal Offices

U.S. President

Donald Trump


U.S. Representative

Jason Beebe, Oregon 2nd District

Cliff Bentz, Oregon 2nd District

bentz headshot



Lori Chavez-DeRemer, Oregon 5th District


Oregon Offices

Oregon Attorney General

Michael Cross

Will Lathrop

Oregon Treasurer

Brian Boquist

Oregon Secretary of State

Brent Barker

Dennis Linthicum


Tim McCloud

Oregon Judges

(All Judges have been appointed by a D governor. None have been initially elected by voters. This gives an unfair advantage to the Ds.)

Judge of the Circuit Court, 11th District (Deschutes County)

Raymond D Crutchley, Position 1

Beth Bagley, Position 2



Judge of the Court of Appeals

Robyn Ridler Aoyagi, Position 4
James C (Jim) Egan, Position 6
Megan L Jacquot, Position 2
Steven R Powers, Position 7


Judge of the Tax Court

Robert Manicke


Judge of the Supreme Court

Stephen K Bushong, Position 1
Rebecca A Duncan, Position 2
Meagan A Flynn, Position 3
Bronson D James, Position 7
Aruna Masih, Position 5


Republican Precinct Committee People

Please vote for all that appear on your ballot.


Local Issues

(These issues are often a matter of personal opinion.)

Bend LaPine 5 Year Local Option Levy: No to more taxes! Stop using "the children" to take more of our hard earned money!

LaPine Rural Fire Protection District, 5 Year Levy: TAX! Contact them! Ask them hard questions! Are they using your money wisely?

LaPine Rural Fire Protection District, 10 Year Levy: TAX! Contact them! Ask them hard questions! Are they using your money wisely?

Newberry Estates Special Road District, 5 year local option tax: You should have received information about this from the organization if it applies to you.

City of Redmond, amend charter, 3 issues:

  •    Extend term of Mayor: No! If the Mayor is bad, let's get them out quickly!
  •    Stop Nepotism: No! The people voted them in.
  •    Term Limits for Councilors: No! Just vote for someone else!