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The Oregon state constitution was adopted in 1857. Oregon has been in the vanguard of several innovative movements in U.S. government collectively known as the Oregon System. In 1902 the concepts of initiative and referendum were introduced, by which voters are able to initiate and vote upon statutes or constitutional revisions; these were supplemented in 1908 by the system of recall, under which the removal of elected officials can be initiated by the voters. The state was also one of the earliest to impose a state income tax, which it did in 1923. Republicans dominated Oregon’s politics through much of the state’s history, until the late 20th century.





U.S House of Representatives
Oregon - Congressional District 2

Rep. Cliff Bentz (R)

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Oregon - Congressional District 5

Lori Chavez-DeremerRep. Lori Chavez-Deremer (R)

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Other Elected Officials


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