ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)

The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens. ERIC is governed and managed by states who choose to join, and was formed in 2012 with assistance from The Pew Charitable Trusts. (

Oregon is a member of ERIC.

ERIC was funded by an “anonymous” donor and The Pew Center On The States. This grant was provided by the George Soros Open Society. David Becker, an experienced Democrat election lawyer, left the Justice Department to help create the ERIC architecture.

Now retired, John Lindback was the first Executive Director of ERIC. He was also the Senior Officer in Elections Initiatives at Pew. He later worked as Senior Advisor for the left leaning CSME, a subsidiary of Soros funded dark money group New Venture Fund. Previously, Linback was the Director of Elections in Oregon for SOS Bradbury (D). 

Ericka Haas who lives in Salem, OR, is the System Engineer at ERIC, for 9 years now. She previously worked in the Oregon Secretary of State’s office with Lindback. In February 2018, DHS created the Elections Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC). Haas shares a seat on this council with staff from Dominion, ES&S, Smartmatic, and Unisyn Voting.

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