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What can Oregonians do to promote Election Integrity in Oregon?


DONATE | Contribute to the legal funds of those who are engaging in lawfare on Oregonians' behalf here. These lawsuits get to the ROOT of our Election Integrity problems in Oregon. We must change the election/voting laws in Oregon to make our elections more secure, and there are only two ways to do that: through the Legislature or lawsuits. Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled legislature will not entertain law changes to support protecting our votes. So that leaves us with filing lawsuits. And if you're not going to file a lawsuit, then PLEASE support those who are here - they are fighting for YOU.

VOTE | It's extremely important that you still vote and get others to vote, too! By not voting, you're doing EXACTLY what they want you to do. Don't give them what they want. Unfortunately, currently there is not a perfect solution, but do you really think not voting is going to help the situation? Instead, combat the enemy and make it HARD for any potential cheaters. Force potential cheaters to expend a massive amount of human assets. Every race, every district, every state requires local plants to be embedded into 100,000 different precincts. That's a lot of money, a lot of coordination, and a lot of room for error. Give them more of a chance to mess up. And honor our ancestors who died for us to have this right and swamp the vote. It definitely doesn't hurt to vote and it's very easy to vote in Oregon.

Better Return-On-Investment with GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts
- More effective use of resources, including volunteers' time as they're contacting people via Chase Reports
- No risk of encountering unanticipated problems of voting on voting day that may preclude voters from voting
- Positive psychological impact when Republicans hear from the media that so many other Republicans have cast votes already pre-election day...will motivate other Republicans to vote
- It doesn't matter in Oregon | If there are cheaters who need to pad votes, they can do after Election Day. Effective 2021, county clerks can collect ballots up to seven days AFTER election day. ORS 254.470(8): If the elector returns the ballot by mail, and a postal indicator is not present or legible, the ballot shall be considered to be mailed on the date of the election and may be counted if the ballot is received no later than seven calendar days after the election.


In recent elections, many in the Election Integrity movement were encouraging others to wait to vote until the last minute, mostly so potential cheaters had less of an idea of how much to "pad" the votes. It gave them less (if any) time to cheat. This was a good idea; however, the disadvantage to voting late is it provides less data to well-meaning volunteers on knowing who to contact to remind voters to vote as Election Day is looming. Republican Volunteers working hard to get Republicans to vote receive Chase Reports to show which Republicans still haven't voted. (The Democrats get Chase Reports, too, for Democrat voters.) When volunteers don't get this data, they end up spinning their wheels by wasting time contacting Republicans who absolutely plan to vote. If Republicans vote early, then volunteers' time is spent wisely by only targeting Republicans who TRULY haven't voted yet and who truly need the reminders. 

Waiting until Election Day in Oregon is pointless | Because of the laws that have passed in Oregon in recent years, particularly the laws that allow ballots to be counted even when they come in AFTER Election Day, waiting until Election Day is moot. In Oregon, our laws are so loose, there is no such thing as Election Day. We have Election Month. Every voter in Oregon receives an Absentee Ballot (AKA Mail-In Ballot) and they can start being counted by the Election Clerk upon receipt...and they can be received at least a week after Election Day. In other words, if you wait until Election Day to vote, potential cheaters still have another week afterward to pad the votes.

EDUCATE/SHARE | Educate others! Share data/information/these Election Integrity pages. Share this recent Election Integrity resolution from the RNC. Oregonians need to see and understand how loose our voting/election laws are! The more Oregonians who see the deficiencies of our election laws, the more pressure they'll put on our elected officials to amend our loose laws. We need an awake populace! 

RNC Efforts: Per this report, the RNC has established a year-round Election Integrity Department. They have coordinated 80,000 poll watchers and workers across the country, and the new Election Integrity legal department has worked with over 90 law firms in the 2022 midterm cycle and participated in nearly 100 lawsuits.

See/Share what else the RNC is doing here.

KNOW THE LAWS | Research Oregon's Statutes and Rules regarding elections and voting so you're knowledgeable about what is legal or illegal. Every state has their own set of laws. (Oregon's tend to be much looser than other states.)

WATCH | Click here to view (and share!) a list of documentaries covering Election Integrity. There's a lot of research that's been done here, too. 

RESEARCH/STAY INFORMED | Frank Speech, The Gateway Pundit, and other great Election Integrity experts can be found on Telegram. Plug in.