Election Integrity

Is Election Fraud a problem? Democrats believe it is...


Election Integrity is clearly a non-partisan issue; it’s an American issue. Americans of all political persuasions have expressed valid concerns over the years, including Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. On July 15, 2019, he stated, "Our elections weren't secure last week, and they sure as heck aren't secure this week, and anybody who says otherwise is either selling you voting machines or simply has a malicious intent towards our elections."

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) stated here: "These machines are hackable."

Democrats allege Election Fraud here

Democrat Stacy Abrams admits there is Election Fraud here. “We were robbed of an election.”

One hour of computer scientists, election security experts, and Senate Democrats talking about how easy it is to hack voting machines here.

Clint Curtis, Democrat Whistleblower Exposes The Truth About How He Created The Machine Algorithm 51-49 here.

Per the RNC Report of the Temporary Committee on Election Integrity:

The 2020 election also uncovered several festering problems and weaknesses in our electoral system that were not specifically attributable to COVID and need to be fixed. Chief among these are ongoing failures of states to clean up their voter rolls and security vulnerabilities in election voting systems and infrastructure. There continues to be ongoing problems with a lack of public access to important election records and data. This is info the public deserves and officials have no good reason to withhold…

In evaluating election infrastructure, the Subcommittee’s main takeaway was that cybersecurity vulnerabilities present a serious challenge for election administration and voter confidence in the U.S. America’s election infrastructure has become increasingly reliant on technology, which commensurately increases the risk of asymmetrical cybersecurity threats, constant obsolescence and the risk for operator-driven problems such as neglected maintenance and programming mistakes.


Former Oregon Elections Director Stephen Trout seemed to agree and also indicated Oregon's systems were inadequate and not secure. Here’s his 11/2/20 letter he wrote to the then Secretary of State candidates, Kim Thatcher and Shemia Fagan.

A week later Stephen Trout was fired. Read details here.

In December 2022 the next Oregon Elections Director Deborah Scroggins “resigned.” (View article.)

However, other reports indicate Scroggins was actually asked to resign.

Successful companies regularly engage in Risk Assessments to determine if there are gaps in their systems and processes, especially for security-related matters. Then they implement Risk Mitigation plans to close up any gaps.

Regardless if Election Fraud occurred in Oregon or not, wouldn't it make sense to close any potential security gaps in our sacred voting processes?