Welcome from new DRP Chair Scott Stuart

Most of us have ancestors who’ve immigrated to the USA. From all the earth. A great multitude of families and individuals and cultures, all with the same intention: hope in The Dream. The Dream of Liberty & Freedom and the ability to pursue life without the oppression of tyrannical leaders and corrupt laws.

This Dream is what has historically brought Americans together in spite of race, color or creed. It is the profound guiding principles of our Founding Fathers, birthed from struggle and oppression, and The Dream, that have facilitated tremendous growth, happiness and success for the American nation. It’s the thing many felt strong enough to fight to the death for. It is these precious guiding principles that allowed for The Dream’s fulfillment, and that are at the root of my passion for history, my Scottish heritage, American heritage, civics and our founding documents.

With a vast understanding of history comes a unique burden when observing history about to repeat itself—and society at large unaware of the age-old patterns emerging. It is the red flags of observation that have emboldened me to pursue a leadership role in the Deschutes Republican Party (DRP). As your newly elected Chair, in order to help re-establish our guiding principles that have led us so far, the vision is to promote and spread the common sense Republican Party values, work and have fun with loads of volunteers passionate about keeping Central Oregon's values, and actively support candidates who espouse the DRP's vision.

I am a businessman, entrepreneur and hard working conservative activist, committed to running the Deschutes Republicans as a business - utilizing the talents of many others - to achieve our goals. Please consider becoming part of the movement to make Deschutes County Red Again!