Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights

In the 2021 legislature, Senate Bill 554 was passed by predominantly anti-gun legislators, with the intent of further restricting our gun rights. The bill included provisions raising our gun fees, increasing our liability with respect to gun-ownership and increasing the regulations on concealed gun license holders by greatly expanding local governments' abilities to restrict those rights.

You may remember this is the bill that makes it a criminal act to have a gun in your home unlocked or out of a safe and makes gun owners liable if someone steals your gun and causes harm with it. A coalition of groups are trying to get this measure on the state-wide ballot by referendum so all Oregon voters get an opportunity to vote on it. The time for signing this petition is almost up.

Many of you in our Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association and Oregon Hunters Association may have heard about this referendum, but have not yet had a chance to sign it. The final day for turning these in is Saturday 25, 2021.
Today petitioners will have tables set up at Oregon Feed and Irrigation supply, 2215 NW Sixth St, in Redmond and in front of Hobby Lobby (on N. 3rd St. across from the Riverhouse, in Bend from _10 a.m.__ to 6 p.m.__, to help with getting more of these signatures. Please stop by and sign these petitions today to protect our interests. Thank you!