An Election Message From the Chair, Phil Henderson

Chair, Phil HendersonWelcome From the Chair, Phil Henderson

On behalf of Deschutes County Republicans, welcome to our website.  We hope you find it helpful in describing our activities and explaining our positions on many issues.  Also, if you are a Deschutes Republican, or want to become one, you can use our website to get further involved.  
Deschutes Republicans welcome the participation of anyone who shares our beliefs in limited government, individual and religious liberty and rights, fiscal responsibility and common sense in public-policy. Please join us! 
On the eve of the 2022 Primary elections, we already have several indicators to suggest that 2022 could be a very successful year for Deschutes Republicans.

First, we have a strong line-up of potential candidates for local, state and federal elections.   Our Republican choices for County Commissioner, State Legislator, Governor and federal Congressional office will be determined by tomorrow’s Primary election.


Second, we already see our amazing success in volunteer participation, which will help us win in November.  One sign of that comes from the record number of Republican voters signing up in Deschutes County to become Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs).  Our County Clerk recently said that our PCP candidate number of approximately 260 is the highest in history and nearly doubles the Democrats PCP candidates of 132 (?)     


The most promising sign of all may be the fact that our Republican Registration efforts have already helped lead to a startling 611 more Republicans at the end of April, than we had at the end of February.   With that increase, we have closed the gap vs. Democrat voters in Deschutes County by approximately 500 Republican voters for the first time.    We helped close this gap by our multiple efforts to sign up Republicans – at event shows, with door to door efforts, advertising and a large mailer.


In addition to these three indicators, we also know that from 2021 we have a new website, an improved communications system, and a coordinated team of party leaders.  We have held many impressive events.   In 2022 we will reap the benefits of what we have sown.
Much needs to be done to correct the path Oregon has been forced to take under the domination of the Democrat Party for over 30 years.  We must restore a sense of balance to Oregon politics to keep the Democrats from passing more laws that infringe on the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Oregon.


You can join the Republican party if you are not already a Republican and come to our events and dinners.  Follow this link to register as a Republican.  If you are already a registered Republican and anxious to help reverse the Democrat policies of Oregon, please sign-up to volunteer and join our efforts.   Five months into 2022, we are committed to finish a very successful year for Deschutes Republicans – and will do so with your help!

Finally we have a message link which you can use to ask questions. Your message will come directly to DR officers and we will respond as promptly as we can. I look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings or events. Thank you for your interest in Deschutes County Republicans.