Press Release: Law Enforcement and DA Hummel

Law Enforcement and District Attorney Hummel Recent interactions between community members and ICE / DA Hummel’s StatementsAugust 24, 2020, Bend, OR Today, we are announcing the condemnation of the recent actions taken place by those in our community in Bend with regards to ICE. We also are condemning the actions of those local officials who acted against the interests of most of Deschutes County residents.

In Deschutes County our law enforcement agencies do a terrific job year round. They deserve our support not our unfounded criticisms. All of us in Deschutes County should reach out to our local law enforcement agencies and let them know we support them.

The recent statements made by District Attorney Hummel highlight his complete ignorance of the beliefs of the people of Deschutes County. Unlike him, we are proud our government removing two criminals from our local community. With regards to the Recall of DA Hummel, we would like to say that we are NOT organizing any such recall. We are aware that there are those in our community who plan to pursue this action. We will offer any support to those that do wish to recall DA Hummel, as we do believe he is no longer fit to serve in his duties as District Attorney. The DA was not meant to be politicized and should adhere to the rule of law.

We are willing to answer any questions regarding this topic.


Deschutes County Republican Party P.O. Box 5265 Bend, OR 97708 (541) 222-9577