Become a PCP (Precinct Committee Person)

Our county is divided into 50 Precincts, the neighborhood geographical unit of the Oregon Legislature. Each Precinct has male and female Precinct Committee People (PCPs).

There are two ways to become an Elected PCP: 1) by filing as a Candidate and winning an election in your precinct, 2) by asking your family, friends, and neighbors to write your name in the "write-in" portion of your precinct ballot. You need at least 3 votes. Elections are held in even years, with the next being May 17, 2022.

To fill a vacancy in-between elections, you can also become an Appointed PCP. Just take a couple minutes and complete our Get Involved form and we'll walk you through the process.

Elected PCP:
 (form available January 2022)

Appointed PCP: Deschutes County Application Form