Welcome From the Chair,

Phil Henderson


On behalf of the Deschutes Republicans, welcome to our website.   We hope you find it helpful in describing our activities and explaining our positions on the issues.  We welcome any one who shares our beliefs in limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility to join us – and be a part of the Deschutes Republicans.

As Republicans we are proud of our country and our rich history – starting as an anti-slavery party and producing many great local, state and American leaders over our long history.  We are the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan, two Bushes and Trump. We embraced the Generals who won the Civil War and World War II – President Grant and President Eisenhower.  Most recently, President Trump led us to a booming economy, energy independence, and the lowest unemployment rate in history until the foreign COVID virus overwhelmed us.  He was still able to rebuild our military, restore our country to a position of strength, and lead the development of the Covid vaccine.


Now, the opposing Democrat party, its duplicitous federal administration and Congress is taking America in so many wrong directions. With the Democrats in charge we are facing unequal justice under the law, crime increases in all of our Democrat run major cities, illegal border crossings that have led to a non-military invasion of our country, weak relations with world leaders and states, foreign energy dependence once again and massive federal debt spending.


At a local level, much also needs to be done to correct the path Oregon has been forced down under the tyrannical domination of the Democrat Party.  Our educational system is ranked near the bottom in the country, despite massive spending increases over the past several budgets. Our state can’t house our citizens and forty years of Democrat rule have led to relentless tax increases, new taxes and fees, and an insolvent Public Employees Retirement System.   Our second amendment gun rights are being obliterated every year.  Poorly managed state and federal forests have resulted in the annual burning of millions of acres of our public lands, and our election integrity is under challenge.


It is so far past the “Time for Change!”  Fortunately, 2022 offers us many opportunities in state and local races.  A new Governor.  New legislators. New Congressmen and a New Senator.   We must come together and act.   We must restore a new direction to Oregon politics to keep Democrat leadership from passing more taxes and laws that infringe on the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Oregon.


We have a message link which you can use to ask questions.   Your message will come directly to me and other Deschutes Republicans and we will respond as promptly as we can.   I look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings.   Thank you for your interest in Deschutes County Republicans.